Travelling Around Malaysia with AirAsia

When you arrived in Malaysia, we are sure you wanted to explore and visit every interesting destinations in Malaysia, thus, you should consider travelling via AirAsia.  AirAsia is a no-frill budget Airlines that serves all major airports in Malaysia and Asia regions, so, you can have breakfast in Penang and lunch in Sarawak.

Booking ticket is really easy, simply access their site ( and select your destination.  The tickets purchasing procedures is simple and you just need to follow the step.  As a no frill airline, be warned that your flight tickets does not include baggage, so, be sure to purchase for your baggage.  You may want to pre-purchase your on board meal too, since, as a no frill airline, you will not get anything except toilet access and a safety belt. 🙂  Although, you can purchase meal in flight.

We assume you will be travelling within Malaysia (domestic travel), so, be informed that no check-in counter is available for domestic travel, you will need to self-checkin via their checkin kiosks in the Airport, or do a web checkin, which you must have access to a printer to print out your boarding pass.  A useful tip will be to check in your return flight too and keep your return boarding pass.  Counter is only available for baggage drop.

Be informed that AirAsia operates in LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) while other full services airlines, or national carriers operate in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), thought, these 2 terminals are just side by side, but the terminal is far apart. (15km away).  Therefore, be sure that if you are flying AirAsia and taking a Taxi, tell the driver that you are going to LCCT, otherwise you may end up in KLIA and all the troubles starts.

AirAsia tickets price fluctuate, as a general rule, the nearer to your travelling date, the more experience it becomes, so if you are planning to fly into Kuala Lumpur and then visit East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), you may want to book your tickets before arriving Malaysia.

With AirAsia, you are now able to explore Malaysia more!

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