Langkawi Island


Langkawi is the jewel in the crown of Kedah. A part of the 99 island Langkawi Archipelago, this charming tropical isle boasts some of the region’s best natural attractions. It is Southeast Asia’s first Geopark, a status accorded by UNESCO for its geological formations, and is blessed with emerald waters and stretches of white sandy beaches. Myths and legends shroud many of the Island’s attractions, the most famous being the legend of mahsuri, a beautiful maidn who was unjustly accused of adultery and sentence to death. It was said that when she died, white blood flow out of her body, signifying her innocence, and with her dying breath, she cursed Langkawi to have seven generation of bad luck, which many locals believe in this legend as Langkawi was soon taken by Siam (Thailand). The villagers at Padang Mat Sira, burnt their paddy fields to avoid them falling into Siam’s hand. Remember to visit this “burnt rice field” when visiting Langkawi.

Another myth surrounding Langkawi is the Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam), which contrast against the many white sandy beaches in Langkawi. This short stretch of Black Sand was said to be the cursed and wrath of a mermaid which charred the land and sand after a fishermen stole her ring. so, visit this short stretch and see it for yourself.

Next legend is the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, which is the largest freshwater lake in Langkawi. The legend tell about a marriage of a lovely fairly princess and an earthly prince, but the first child of this princess died shortly after birth, which the princess was so sad and depressed that she buried the child in this crystal clear water lake and blessed the waters that any childless maiden who bathed in this lake would conceive thereafter.

Apart from myths, Langkawi is granted Tax-Free status in 1987 and has an international airport, five stars beach resorts, picturesque golf courses and well-equipped marinas.

MUST Visit when in Langkawi:
1. Visit all the 3 Geoforest park
2. Snorkel and feed baby sharks at the Pulau Payar Marine Park
3. Go on a Cruise and feed eagles in the Kilim Nature Park
4. Take a Cable Car to the peak of Gunung Machincang
5. Underwater World
6. Crocodile Farm

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