Perlis has a long history dating back to 1800.  The northern gateway to Malaysia, it is flanked by Kedah in the South and Thailand in the north.  It is the smallest state in Malaysia with only 795 sq km and is a popular transit point to Langkawi Island via the Kuala Perlis jetty.  It features a sprawling countryside characterized by paddy plains and interspersed with rustic villages, limestone outcrops and serene lakes.

Multiracial and blessed with numerous natural attractions, it lays claim to the country’s only semi-deciduous forest and fascinating caves.  Visits to fruit farms and plantations are not to be missed as mango, grape, sugar cane and paddy thrive on the fertile soil.  Sample a pace of life that is unhurried in Kangsar, the state capital.

Places of Interests in Perlis:
Perlis State Park
This 5,000 hectare White Meranti-Gerutu Seasonal Forest is semi-deciduous – it sheds its leave during the long dry season, and is the only one of its kind in the country. A combination of the Mata Ayer and Wang Mu permanent forest reserves, it is located along the state’s western border and straddles the Nakawan Range. The state’s section of the range is not only the longest continuous range of limestone hills in the country but also part of the 500 million years old Setul formation. Admission fee is RM2 & RM1 for Adult and Child respectively.

Gua Kelam Recreational Park
Gua Kelam (Cave of Darkness) is not only filled with interesting limestone formations such as flowstones, straws, gour pools and fossils but also cave dwelling bats. The hanging bridge that leads through this 370 meter cave used to be a means of transporting ore and other supplies to the tin mine at Wang Tangga. It was also the main access route for villagers staying in the remote Kampung Kelian. Admission fee is RM1 and RM0.50 for Adult and Child respectively

Snake & Reptile Farm
The Snake & Reptile Farm was formerly a research facility set-up by the Institute for Medical Research in 1981 to study snakes and to develop anti-venom for snake bites. Pythons, cobras and pit vipers are among the 20 local and foreign snake species, both poisonous and non-poisonous, found at the farm. The farm also houses crocodiles, tortoises, iguanas, monitor lizards and macaques. Admission fee is RM4 and RM1 for Adult and Child respectively.

Harumanis & Grape Plantations
This 65 hectare Bukit Bintang Agriculture Centre is famous for the harumanis mango, a variety that is much sought after for its fragrant, sweet and thick succulent flesh. Also not to be missed is the vineyards where grapes of the IAC, Black Opal, Loose Perlette, Black Queen and New White Malaga varieties are cultured. Learn about the fruits as you stroll through the plantations, observing the grading and packing processes.

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