Durian – King of Fruit

Durian – Love by many, fear by many too!

It is said that Malaysia produces the best durian! Most Malaysian & Singaporean loves Malaysia’s Durian, however, to those who never come across Durian, it is greatly feared. It actually surprise many locals that Durian is being included in the “World Top 10 Feared Food”, even featured in popular reality show “Fear Factor” as one of a challenge. Many Malaysian will love to indulge in it, never hesitated!

Durian plays an important role in many Malaysian life, it is a family affair when come about eating Durian. It is seldom eaten alone, most of the time it is consumed with all family members. As it is consider an expensive fruit compared to other tropical fruits, it is not usually bought frequently, thus, making Durian eating an event to look forward.

As most Malaysian, since young would be introduced to Durian, majority will acquire the taste and naturally fall in love with it, however, a handful will rejected it and stay away from it, and never ever like it. So, it is very special and extreme when it come to Durian, either you love it, or you hate it.

If this is the first time you come in contact with Durian, you must try it, for you will either fall in love with it, or it will be your most remembered moment. So, Durian is a must try food (fruit) when visiting Malaysia.

There are various variance of Durian, from the most common (cheapest) – Durian Kampung, meaning Durian from the village or wild, which every Durian comes with difference taste, thus, the surprise element! You never know what you will get with Durian Kampung. Then come the more expensive type, those that are generic modified or developed, which the more popular variance are D24, IOI, D2 etc, which provide standard & consistence taste, thus, you can buy the Durian Variance which you love most.

Generally, Durian is sweet, thought some come with a bit of bitter. The colour may either look yellow or pear white, depending on type, but if it is your first time trying it out, it is suggested that you take D24. It is a safest bet compared to Durian Kampung, which no know can guarantee its taste.

As Durian is seasonal, usually available in the month between May to August, so if you happen to come across Durian in your visit to Malaysia, You MUST try it!

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