5 Souvenirs that you should bring back from Malaysia

If you plan to visit Malaysia and intend to bring home some souvenirs but are clueless what to buy, we understand, since you have yet to set foot in Malaysia. But as you touch down and visit the places of interests in Malaysia, you may want to know what products / items are a true representation of Malaysia, so you can look out for them during your visit.

There are obviously many items that can help you take back a little piece of Malaysia, but, here we are proposing a few authentic souvenir ideas that are pretty to look at and can be bought without burning a hole in the pocket.

1) Batik
The ‘Batik’ is easily one of the most popular Malaysian gifts and is easily available. Available as textile that can be tailored, apparel and home decor items, it is a gift that would put a smile on anyone’s face. It commonly carries motifs that reflect floral, fauna, geometry and landscape. Endless designs can be found in the east coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu where prices are often lower than in other parts of Malaysia.

2) Songket
‘Songket’ is another popular and highly valued material; it really is a brocade of silk or fine cotton material interwoven with gold or silver threads. For many hundreds of years, it was a luxury reserved only for the royalty. Today though, it is free to be use by all and can be found as apparel and decor items. ‘Songket’ from the state of Terengganu is reputed to be of the best quality although available throughout Malaysia.

3) Royal Selangor Pewter
Royal Selangor is an acknowledged world-leading brand of pewter that crafts innovative yet fashionable tableware, ornaments, home decor objects and numerous other items. The intricate motifs displayed on many of the items catch the eye and fancy of most people, and for this reason the pewter is a highly favoured sounvenir of many visitors.

4) Wau (Giant Kites)
Much bigger than the standard kite, the ‘Wau’ is a beautiful and skilfully crafted giant kite of various colours and patterns. Reaching up to four meters in length, it is flown in ‘Wau-flying’ competitions during the harvest festival in the East Coast. Colourful smaller ones are fashioned into handicrafts that make unique home decor.

5) Nyonya Kebaya
This elaborately embroidered traditional blouse is not only highly regarded for its artistry, but is also one of the most beautiful of Malaysian attires. Fashioned to fit the figure of the wearer gracefully, it is worn with a sarong often made of ‘batik’. The nyonya kebaya here is usually worn by women with an elegant sense of fashion.

While there are many more unique items you will find in Malaysia, such as handicraft, Sabah Pearl etc, the above mentioned suggestions will definitely spread your excitement with your friends and family members.

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